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Join Sorbo Family Film Studio's fight to help keep America's faith and family values alive and accessible in today's current entertainment landscape.

Your tax deductible donation to Sorbo Family Film Studios means that YOU are taking a stand against the studios and filmmakers who flood our theatres, airwaves and the Internet with increasingly disturbing gratuitous sex and violence for a quick profit and little to no regard for the long-term damage it has on our children and our society.

We can do better! Together we can create FILMS THAT DELIVER.

“We need more principled filmmakers and storytellers who can weave moral fabric back into our culture. We need to compete in the marketplace of influence in a positive way and shout Truth from the mountaintops.”  

– Kevin Sorbo speaking at THE RETURN: National and Global Day of Prayer And Repentance (September 25, 2020)



THE RETURN: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance was simulcast live on September 25 & 26, 2020. View the full event Replay at:, or


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Why Sorbo Family Film Studios

Arguably, it’s a new take on family-friendly content, in a sector that seems increasingly to embrace the provocative, violent, and offensive. We’ve all seen the so-called ‘faith-based’ products that appear intentionally anti-faith.

That’s because every film is “faith-based.” Every work of art is an expression of the artist’s beliefs and message. Films, like art, express the individual faith of, typically, the director, or sometimes the producers.

Sorbo Family Film Studios creates family-friendly, values-minded content that expresses the principles that the Sorbos embrace. The Sorbos have a trusted name in entertainment, and this new endeavor presents a vision for reliable, quality entertainment that seeks to elevate humanity, freedom, and the American way.

We make movies to breath virtue and values back into the culture with inspirational characters and uplifting stories.

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Let There Be Light

Soul Surfer

God’s Not Dead

12 Biggest Lies

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The Reliant

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