Producing Family Entertainment that Uplifts and Inspires.

This nation provides a beacon of hope to admire and emulate, a bastion of security for a common people, and a framework for freedom and prosperity unlike anything known before. Our freedom is born of the faith that conceived it. Without morality, this nation cannot stand, and without moral guidance, a society is lost. But American culture risks losing every vestige of its moral fiber, and all virtue with it. For that reason, Kevin and Sam Sorbo envision addressing the culture with culture, making movies that provide a refutation of the reckless rejection of values that the media/Hollywood conglomerate generally messages in film, TV, and elsewhere.

As Christians, Sam and Kevin hear the call to make disciples of all nations: to build people in the spirit of Christ, to share the story of forgiveness and redemption. Too often, we’ve watched as the Church has left this important field fallow, preferring to stay inside its four walls and preach solely to those who venture through its doors, neglecting to inspire them to reengage into the “nations,” i.e. the culture.

The Sorbo Family Film Studios turns that paradigm inside out.